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About Jessica Olmon

 Jessica helps entrepreneurs and CEOs build successful businesses. She is passionate about helping you create an environment in which you can thrive as an individual, which in turn supports the needs of your business. She is committed to sharing the lessons learned from past experiences to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes and find the quickest path to both freedom and success.  

While working with people in different industries, Jessica recognized first-hand that success at work doesn’t always translate to a fulfilled life, so she started a movement called #RiseAbove.

#RiseAbove connects like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working towards building a meaningful life, not just a successful business, but that too! The #RiseAbove online community is a place where entrepreneurs can share resources, tips, tricks, and wisdom from their own journeys.

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Real Life Testimonials

As a result of working with Jessica for the past year, I've been able to launch my own business as a mentor and trainer and I'm so excited about the future of my company! Jessica helped me to really delve into my mindset, fears and roadblocks that were holding me back. Not only has she walked me through my own challenges, but she shares her own journey in a way that makes it all very real and tangible. 

Jessica's passion and enthusiasm for living life to the fullest while going after your dreams is infectious. She is living proof of a person's ability to take control of their happiness and future. Because Jessica integrates the principles she has learned into her life, I find it easier to apply what I've learned from her into my own daily life. She is motivating, encouraging, and she holds me accountable to doing my best! 

Jessica has inspired my partners and I to approach our business in an entirely different way. Gone are the days of waiting for the perfect set of circumstances to arrive. Instead, we have a clear vision of our company’s success and our ideal lifestyles. Now, we simply make decisions and take action that move us in that direction. This brings a whole new level of fulfillment and passion into our work, and our lives. 

Samantha Westerlund

Partner, Pace Success Coaching

Alexandra Pursglove

Partner, Pace Success Coaching

Jason Haffley

Partner, OneNinth LLC