Stop believing you have to sacrifice everything that’s important to you to grow your business.

Change course, and become more profitable than ever before while having the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

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  • What would it take for you to 10x your revenue?

  • What would it take for you to go on a vacation and not check your email or phone at all?

  • What would it take for your business to run smoothly while you are gone for weeks at a time?

  • What would it take to truly become the CEO of your business?

Course Corrected was created specifically for YOU

To teach you how to do these things in YOUR specific business, with the tools and support to actually drive you there. Once you have your systems in place, running a successful company will seem effortless.


Change Your Mindset.

How do successful people think? Your ways of thinking cause the results you have right now. If there’s something you don’t like, you absolutely have the power to change it. However, the only way to produce new results is to change your ways of thinking first. So where do you want to go? What results do you want, and how you do have to change to get there?

Become a Businessperson.

You’re an entrepreneur that already does something well, which is the core of the service that you provide. But it’s not enough to just do something well—you also need to develop the skills of a true business person. No one starts out with these skills—we certainly didn’t, and neither do the people who went to the best business schools.

Be Inspired by a Path Made Specifically for YOU!

We’ve specifically crafted this program for people like you—service providers who are running an active business but know they are capable of so much more. We engage with one-on-one interaction, and also group interaction with other like-minded business owners. You can truly become the CEO of your own company, with all the life benefits and earning power that entails.

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We created Course Corrected to help service provider entrepreneurs become the CEOs of their own businesses. Ultimately we believe the business should serve the entrepreneur, with enough profits to support a great lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, which is why the only way to join the course is to have an initial consultation with Jessica first. Because of the guarantee we offer, we want to make sure you’re right for the course, and we want to help you get clarity on whether it’s right for you.